How To Find Gold In Beach ( Video )

Refined gold ore from gold prospecting in beach

To find gold in beach at a given area several factors must be in the know. Gold prospecting in beach or also called the placer deposits is an accumulation process of rich minerals and be formed by gravity separation during of the process of sedimentation and from geological processes. Placer deposits in beach formed on the seaside, where gold metal will be brought by waves and water currents flow so that the metal is concentrated on seaside. Because gold is heavier metal than rock or soil material, then gold will settle to the soil bottom or rock at the seashore

For find gold in beach, gold panning process is a very simple technique to do and the survey process with panning on the beach must often be done before the process of searching for gold with more modern equipment such as sluice box, due to low water on the beach, sand position may change as a result of tides and waves. it is constituted by fact that heavier material ore or gold ore will sink to a lower level or toward the base ground than lighter materials such rock.

This is a video of how to find gold in beach

Gold placer deposit in beach typically contain black sand  or can also iron ore which is a black mixture of glossy and very striking black iron oxide, too much magnetite with with variable amounts of limonite and hematite. Precious mineral components such of gold ore often in conjunction with black sands are monazite, phyrite, zircon, chromite, rutile, cassiterite and wolframite

A line form which has gradations the line will look the black sand
and on the other hand has a intervals different color
The existence of a gold content or beach placer deposit gold bearing can be seen if you take part through the sand in seashore, then sometimes it will look like a line form which has gradations, the line will look the black sand and on the other hand has a intervals different color. And one of the real  ways used is to survey with panning process by using gold panning equipment to know whether the coastal areas have gold prospects

To obtain the location of the beach that has a proper gold content, area of the coastal areas have hills or mountain has a gold content, whether it be ancient gold mining  or a mining area. Because the gold ore (usually flour gold or refined gold ) from hill or mountain carried away by the flow of the river heading to the beach area . The local sea and wave conditions in beach  will enable the process of the formation of placer beach.

And local geology of the surrounding beaches allows also to form a gold plaser in beach.  As a result, the gold ore will be settled and trapped to the seashore floor a short distance from the mouth of the river.

Amongst the examples of gold prospecting in beach placers are the gold deposits of Nome, gold prospecting in Alaska, zircon sand from Brazil and in the region Australia,  the black sands (magnetite) from Oregon and California, diamonds from Namaqualand, South Africa in the form of granules and bearing. and the Bering Sea known as "ocean-placers ", which contains numerous gold deposits. Similar formations exist also in New Zealand and elsewhere in the world

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