Gold Panning Tips To Find Gold ( Video )

Gold panning process is very important for the miners, because this process is a very simple way to find gold ore , well to finding gold in rivers and streamsfind gold in beach or process identification minerals gold ore, whether it is to find the content of gold ore on track gold veins in a hole dug in the soil depth, or used for the simple process of looking for the presence of gold in the region.

Most of the panning process to finding gold is done on streams or river flows and can also in the area of a puddle of water because this is place very prospect to find the type of alluvial gold or gold loose.

Perhaps most of the miners already know how simple process of gold panning, or way panning for gold and searching for identification eluvial gold, however there are some people who do not know and ask how the process of panning.

This video instruction for gold panning basics, tips and trick how to pan like A Pro and overall gold pan equipment selection.

Panning is the separation process mineral ores from sand using gravity manner. In the process of panning, tool used was very simple, The most important tools can be maximally used and panning tools are easy to obtain. Before you use the pan equipment made of plastic, first step clean the equipment with soap,so that the device is clean from oil.

A simple way gold panning process to find gold ore

The gold panning basically consists from put the materials to be processed into the pan and shaking it in a left then right movement in underwater so that the gold metal content will drop to the bottom of the pan, then at the same time, the material is lightweight, as well as materials that are not worth going to drift and would leave the precious metal in the bottom of the pan

Before you do the panning process for find gold, first step is find the spot and look for locations that have the prospect of the existence of mineral deposits of gold.The location can be on the banks of the river area at the bottom of a hill or mountain area. Then dig the sand or soil in the spot, and insert the sand and soil into the panning equipment, contents about 3/4 of material on top of the tray.

To start panning, slowly you turn the panning equipment tray in a circle on the water , and you can stir the material by using hands, this purpose to separate the sand and gravel rocks. if a lot of gravel on the tool tray, you can pick it up by hand to separate the gravel in the pan equipment

Back and forth, round and round, or move from side to side on the panning tool and  vibrate your hands. Indirectly ore minerals will be down due to the force of gravity, because the metal more weight from rock or sand. Rotate slowly panning tool and you tilt your panning tool, so that gradually sand will be carried away by the flow of water.

Perform this twisting process gradually, and do not be afraid of the metal will be carried away by the flow of water, because the density of the metal is heavier than sand. Let all the sand carried by the flow of water, until the sand looks exhausted, and leaving a black sand that is different from the sand soil. The black sand is an iron ore content of which is not brought on by the flow of water, because the density of iron sand is heavier than sand soil.

To eliminate the iron ore content you can use a magnetic metal. Insert the metal magnet in the panning equipment and let the iron ore sticking to the magnet. For gold metal content, when exposed to a magnetic metal will not stick to the magnet. If already depleted the content of the iron ore, you can see there or not, gold ore at panning tool

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