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Today i'm gonna get gold in Beauce. This is pretty interresting this place because in Beauce, Quebec, in 1863 there was a small goldrush here.

So i'm very happy to follow the step of the gold seekers back in the 19th century. I am with Mike, special guest, with me today.

So we gonna find gold ! This is bedrock so it couldn't go further down. The heaviest stuff is just right here. So (the gold) is with black sand normally. This is nothing, nothing at all. That was a nice try.

So I got a rock, with a kind fool's gold or maybe gold. We don't know yet. The best way to do it is to pan it. We've been working quite a lot. We are using a tripod. I just found some gold! Very good day.


How To Find Lot Of Gold And Nuggets


How to find lot of gold and nuggets! Gold panning digger. The sluice box for this find gold is designed by Finnish gold digger with rubber mats for cars, and equipped with special designed deeper rubber mats for gold panning. The last carpet is a stone collectors.

Several tests have been conducted and found that no gold comes after rubber mats, It is important to rinse and brush all the rocks clean of mud because the gold adhere clinging to the mud among large stones is the most interesting because the gold want to stay around these big rocks.

What you see now is my gold panning in real time 1-2 minutes takes it all Good luck with your gold panning in the future.

Video How To Find Lot Of Gold And Nuggets! Gold panning digger

Finding Gold And Fools Gold Nuggets


We're on our way to acreek spot that runs off or perpendicular to a old railroad trackthat has a limestone or chalk and you can find iron pyrite there in the creek, we're on the iron pyrite hunt to find gold.  

Fools Gold Nuggets
fools gold

This constitute the wall of fools gold already some and over here there's a better example is a bit more sure, you can see that one to the left of it also some up here shadow. And you can see all the facets of it that you can make it a little bit we have to clean some of it up and just show it to you, later tell me again you've got to look for it and busted out as well like we got one right here i can't tell if it's starting to rust a lot of times at these weather too much they will rust you got to really keep them fresh all the way around out of the out of the rock

This constitute the wall of fools gold   
This is fools gold nuggets in wall

This Is Video Finding Gold And Fools Gold Nuggets

Free Place To Find Gold In Alaska


If you visit Alaska today, you will find evidence of the state’s connection to gold Mining Nearly everywhere you go. From locally held events like Fairbanks Golden Days for Gold Nugget Jewelry and pans gold painted, you are certain to find in the local souvenir shops. 

While many Gold Prospecting consider a thing of the past, there is still gold in hills and streams in Alaska today. In fact recently a large gold and copper deposits has found approximately 235 miles southwest of Anchorage, near Lake Iliamna.

If you found are planning to visit Alaska, you might consider doing to a little gold prospecting of your own. You never Tell what you can find anywhere. to find one of the most popular techniques for gold panning.

During gold rushes of the 1800s, this was the preferred method of prospectors. In Alaska, there are still a few places where you can pan for gold and will not worry accused of claim jumping.

These are public areas to the common public for recreational gold panning and discharge but you can not make a claim. The Bureau of Land Management Office and the Department of Natural Resources office in Fairbanks will provide information on these areas, including maps. 

Before you start, you’ll need to pick up the necessary prospecting supplies. You should be able to find what you need to necessity local mining supply in stores and discounters .

Please thoughtful in choosing approximately the tools that you select and the methods you use when searching for gold . Avoid anything that might have a negative impact on nature and the environment. 

OK, you are ready to find gold to your fortune? The following areas are  to the common public for recreational gold panning and discharge. You are entitled to use gold pans, metal detectors, sluice boxes and rocker boxes in these areas 

1. Bachelor Creek. This located spot 80 miles north of Fairbanks shortly after Montana Creek on the Steese Highway, which is a remote area, offers no camping facilities. Once you reach in this spot, to go into the mining area, you need to climb into the hills as far as about  4 miles  

2. Nome Creek. Located north of the Steese Highway in the White Mountains National Recreation Area, there are around three campsites. Facilities such as toilets (outhouses) and drinking water are available, but a recreation fee is charged. Gold was first discovered here in the early 1900s and has a Wealthy history of gold finds 

3. Pedro Dome. Located Approximately 25 miles north of the city of Fairbanks, this is where Felix Pedro discovered gold in 1902. The area is relatively Little, Approximately 1 acre in size. There are no toilets (outhouses), and your necessity to drinking water and food, must prepared your own 

4. A few more areas that you can try are Caribou Creek and Dalton Highway. Some of these areas are very remote. In addition to your prospecting supplies,  you necessary outdoor supplies and other equipment.

If you really are not looking for a wilderness experience, but you still want to enjoy the excitement of searching for gold, there are other options available. 

5. There are several companies in the area of ​​Fairbanks, which have cities and regions the tours of mining. These companies usually offer all you necessity to do a little panning.  Some even “stock” of sand, so you can be certain of not go  empty-handed 

Here are a couple which you can check out:
  • Klondike Gold Dredge Tour Company, Skagway, Alaska
  • El Dorado  Gold   Mine , 1.3 Mile Elliott Hwy, Fox, AK 99709
  • Chicken Gold Camp & Outpost, Box 70, Chicken, Alaska 99732
One way or another, I’m sure you will have a lot of fun prospecting for gold in Alaska. And who knows? You just might go home with a couple of gold nuggets.

This is Video Find Gold In Alaska Whith Gold Panning by Depths of History

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6 Ways Simple To Find Gold By Panning


Gold panning is a great outdoor activity that can be fun for people of all ages and health. If you can go for pan gold, are despite there is no the metal detectors, sluice boxes and other Large equipment often associated with this action, the device is actually needed successfully to wash for gold is limited, affordable and light weight. 

The gold search

The search for gold is hardly a new thing. We all tell of the gold rush and have heard stories approximately the large amounts of gold that were found. While Large deposits of gold are now not so easy to find, and  the total amount of gold has not significantly reduced.

It is estimated that only Approximately 15% of the gold was found available during the gold rush. There are approximately 1 billion ounces of gold flowing through watershed  in North America now. 

What You Need To Know To Start For Find Gold ?
This is 6 Ways Simple To Find Gold By Panning

1. Gold panning is one nice thing to find gold , that there really is not much  necessity regularly to find gold. The necessity to get started is fairly basic and any prospecting store will provide answers and find the answers for you. 

2. You can search information about  local laws , and claim area from gold panning area. Typically, it is legal for a person to pan gold anywhere that they want as far as they use only gold pan. Some exceptions are native reserves and wild life reserves.

Landowners usually do not own streams that pass through their land , but it is advisable to seek permission in case of dogs or other dangers. As hobbyist you can even gold pan on a staked claim, but the owner of the claim may be agitated and potentially ruin your day -. or worse 

3. Research the geology and history of the area where you are by talking to a prospecting business. If there is no gold in this area, then there is no point in trying. However, there may be other valuables there be, such as silver, platinum or precious stones, which can be recovered.

4. Learn and memorize the flow, how the gold drove along the river. For example, gold often does not move again when it hits slow moving water. Because of its density, gold will quickly sink to the bottom of sand and rocks. This means that gold is usually behind a rock in the river as a whirlpool

5. Get basic training how to find gold whit using techniques gold pan . Panning for gold is not hard, but finding the true technique can pupose the difference between finding a lot or a little. 

6. Learn and memorize to identify gold in the pan. Once you have seen it, there is no mistaking it. Most prospecting stores have placer gold flakes on hand and if you ask enough, it can allows you to put together with some water and fine gravel a flake in the pan.

So what are you waiting for? 

Video How To Find Gold On The American River By Robert Betts

Where Find Gold In Montana


Montana has a wealthy history of mining and the state is ranked as the 7th largest producer of gold in the United States by the US Geological Survey. The vast majority of the gold fields in Montana are in the western part of the state, near the border with Idaho. The geological conditions are favorable in the rugged mountains along the watershed and the continental divide than the flatter two-thirds of the state

In 1852 the first gold was discovered in the state of Montana. Since then the state is known to have gold reserves. but it was the major strike on Grasshopper Creek in 1862, brought the prospectors in the southwest corner of the state.

The City Bannack (west of present day Dillon, Montana) was built and soon thousands of miners were scouring the creeks and hills for the gold metal beads. Immense gold deposits also were found in Alder Gulch in Virginia City. 

It is not only gold reserves can be found in Montana, but they are Wealthy in copper deposits as well. Even the miners also mine copper and at the same time as product they produce gold

Nearly every county in Montana has gold reserves. In every mountain, river and stream there is a record that they have discovered gold and copper deposits. Not only that, they are also Wealthy in silver and sapphire. Therefore, the state of Montana is is known as the top seven  all over the United States in the gold mining industry. 

So where find gold in Montana? 

In the county Argenta, near Rattlesnake Creek, in 1865, they have discovered gold deposits on the stream bed and on the sides of the creek. 

Beaverhead, the Bannack County, Dillon County, Melrose, Monida, wisdom, Confederate Gulch District, Radersburg District, Townsend District, Berry and many other sites are gold deposits are where possibly found.

The best way to find information is to look at gold hunting clubs and online forums, because many information a discussion approximately where to find gold in Montana. 

Each stream bed, river and stream in Montana remains a prospect in gold panning. Most people in the forums visited many places in Montana and have tried on their own gold panning. Some have been lucky to find gold nuggets, but most have not been so lucky.  

There are rules in find gold for each area of ​​Montana , so it is better to find out that first. You should be able to ask more information and to ask permission for gold hunting in Montana and other places. 

Video from Montana Gold - Where do you find gold ? 

Finding Gold With a Sluice


Finding Gold in rivers and steams is a very common practice for gold prospectors. If you have access to water, one of the most effective ways of finding gold is to use a Sluice. A Sluice is a tool used for gold prospecting, it is a box-like object that works by catching heavy particles of soil as water and dirt are ran over it. Mostly made from Aluminum, Wood or Plastic sluicing is a vital part of your prospecting. Available commercially portable hand sluices are very a popular item successfully used by recreational gold prospectors for years.

Trying to find the correct water flow and angle to achieve optimal conditions for gold recovery can be a very daunting task. There are a lot of variables to consider and it seems hard to grasp at first. Though as you will find out using a Sluice is very simple.

The most popular Sluices on the market today are built from aluminum and are very efficient at finding gold. Most come with a handle or a backpack for easy transport while on foot and are also light weight since they are built from aluminum. Chances are you can find an inexpensive Sluice easily online or perhaps at your local prospecting stores.

When running your sluice you want to make sure there is ripple effect on the surface of the water when traveling over each riffle. Each riffle causes the water to make a small swirl. This swirl of water will deposit heavier material and wash away lighter material if all is set correctly. Remember that gold is just about nineteen times heavier than water so most of the gold should be settling into your carpet

The larger the material the more drastic of an angle you will need. Classifying the material first will screen out larger rocks and pieces of gravel. If you will be running these larger pieces of rocks through your sluice you will have to pick out the rocks that get stuck in your box by hand.

Effectively setting up your Sluice is important. The successful gold miner, must factor in things like how fast water is flowing, how dense is the material you are running through (has it been classified first?) and finally the angle or slope that you set the box at.

Once you master these simple steps you will be on your way to finding gold!


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