Where Find Gold In Montana

Montana has a wealthy history of mining and the state is ranked as the 7th largest producer of gold in the United States by the US Geological Survey. The vast majority of the gold fields in Montana are in the western part of the state, near the border with Idaho. The geological conditions are favorable in the rugged mountains along the watershed and the continental divide than the flatter two-thirds of the state

In 1852 the first gold was discovered in the state of Montana. Since then the state is known to have gold reserves. but it was the major strike on Grasshopper Creek in 1862, brought the prospectors in the southwest corner of the state.

The City Bannack (west of present day Dillon, Montana) was built and soon thousands of miners were scouring the creeks and hills for the gold metal beads. Immense gold deposits also were found in Alder Gulch in Virginia City. 

It is not only gold reserves can be found in Montana, but they are Wealthy in copper deposits as well. Even the miners also mine copper and at the same time as product they produce gold

Nearly every county in Montana has gold reserves. In every mountain, river and stream there is a record that they have discovered gold and copper deposits. Not only that, they are also Wealthy in silver and sapphire. Therefore, the state of Montana is is known as the top seven  all over the United States in the gold mining industry. 

So where find gold in Montana? 

In the county Argenta, near Rattlesnake Creek, in 1865, they have discovered gold deposits on the stream bed and on the sides of the creek. 

Beaverhead, the Bannack County, Dillon County, Melrose, Monida, wisdom, Confederate Gulch District, Radersburg District, Townsend District, Berry and many other sites are gold deposits are where possibly found.

The best way to find information is to look at gold hunting clubs and online forums, because many information a discussion approximately where to find gold in Montana. 

Each stream bed, river and stream in Montana remains a prospect in gold panning. Most people in the forums visited many places in Montana and have tried on their own gold panning. Some have been lucky to find gold nuggets, but most have not been so lucky.  

There are rules in find gold for each area of ​​Montana , so it is better to find out that first. You should be able to ask more information and to ask permission for gold hunting in Montana and other places. 

Video from Montana Gold - Where do you find gold ? 

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